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It's your first date and you sneak over to his or her cd rack (best case scenario, it's a stack of vinyl and it's neatly alphabetized, but that's just me)… What do you look for first?

I've oft considered the must haves to check for include things like Pet Sounds, a Dylan record, the Smiths' collection, and how old does that OK Computer cd look?

Then, if the person is still in the kitchen prepping my drink, I look for a Blur album (while I'm there I check for Bright Eyes which for better or worse has never panned out), a Wedding Present album, and then see what compilations they have (are they still hanging on to a particular soundtrack?).

What do you consider a must have?

Any surprising finds when you first spied your loved one's (or previous loved one's) collection?

I knew I was smitten when I saw all the Galactic Heroes, Bis and Vehicle Flips records I had been ebaying for.

(and totally bring on the obligatory burn of judging me for talking about the idea of judging others)