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This can't be true… it just can't.

SILVER JEWS calling it quits? Please dear Dog, tell me it's not true. I thought Smith and Jones were forever?

Upon further inspection, tis true, dear readers. And in even crazier news in regards to this, Dave Berman ousts his Dad as an evil-doer and scumbag. He even points to a site bashing his father. Truth or joke? Scary either way, and incredibly sad!

We've seen musicians retire and unretire before, but unless David Berman is pulling our leg, Silver Jews are now no more. The band's performance Saturday night at McMinnville, Tennessee's Cumberland Caverns was their last, and included this emotional take on American Water's indelible "We Are Real". But first, Berman gives a brief introduction: "If you're in a position in your life where you need to make a change, this is the best time," he says, citing all the changes going on these days. One of the most recent historical changes, the inauguration of President Obama, flies in the face of the work of Berman's father, whom the Silver Jews main guy recently revealed to be right-wing lobbyist Rick Berman. Strange victory, strange defeat.

straight from P4K to my pissed off ears