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Every week I'll putter around all the calendars and myspaces and websites and message boards of my favorite bands and venues, digging around for goods. Hoping the Frames will come back to the states, or that I'll catch some unpublicized mindblowing local show.

And in doing so, keeping up with these boys from New Jersey — who have been quiet in the blog-o-sphere, save from an occasional blip here and there, for quite some time — is proving fruitful. I found out that "Pulled Fences" has been followed up with another track, mysteriously titled "voxfm" on the download, and it's posted, for free.

It's all kinds of big-guitar-funeral-waltz meets epic-scene-in-a-movie meets blown-out-on-purpose-in-a-good-way vocals. There's some good stuff in there. You can get it, and read more about the track and the Magnet Wrens Watch, on the Wrens site here.

Seriously. Seriously! It's so nice of them to whet our appetites with all these releases and tracks — a kind, and awesome, response to everyone that's been clamoring for new music since the Meadowlands.

Straight from the horse's basement:

Anyway…the song itself. We’re still not quite up & running in the studio yet so it’s another “Hey, I’ve got a song, it’s in D” number. All the instruments are in one room blaring into each other’s mics, there was no line check, no one brought the Sousaphone pickup. That kind of thing.

We did have some friends shoot some pictures and make a wonderful video to mark the occasion so we’ll be putting that up a little later in the week.

More to come & thanks as always,
the wrens

We'll take it. Yay!