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As I blogged a couple of weeks back, one of my very first Seattle music indie-pop crush bands, the Amateur Lovers, are reuniting after nearly 10 years, to headline one of the International Pop Overthrow nights this weekend; specifically, they'll play late on Saturday night August 25th at the Sunset in Ballard.

The band released one record (Virgin White Lies) on Stone Gossard's now defunct label, Loosegrove Records, back in 1997. They toured with Ben Folds Five, played with Goodness (my other favorite new-to-Seattle crush band back in the day), humored my pal Denise and I while we stalked them at more shows than I can count… and then disbanded. I never thought I'd see another show, and it's been that way for the past decade… but this Saturday night, the Amateur Lovers will play again, cheering the crowd with their Jellyfish-meets-Queen pop sensibilities and quirky lyrics. I, for one, am excited!!!

To feed my obsession, I just found an old Amateur Lovers video on YouTube, in fact, for the track "Rubix Cube."

And then went and read a (brand new) interview with the band over at the Seattle Powerpop Blog.

Might I suggest you do the same? Perhaps I will see you Saturday night. Anyone else here know how to fill in the blank: "Whether by skill or by luck, _____________"?