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Viva Viva Viva KEXP and Robyn Hitchcock

“I don’t think you can quit music writing,” quipped Mr Hitchcock. “It’s like alcohol. You never quit; you’re just in recovery.”

I beamed. I’d just been introduced to Robyn Hitchcock and was having quite the superfan moment. He’d graciously responded to my stammering fan-girl claim that I’d returned to music writing after a seven-hiatus because of him. Well, and KEXP.

When KEXP wrote that they were hosting a press event in advance of their New Home Grand Opening this Saturday, and that Robyn Hitchcock would be playing in the brand-new (and completely amazing) public space in front of the DJ booth, that was all it took. The double-whammy of seeing and supporting the new space, as well as seeing Mr Hitchcock in such an intimate setting, and suddenly, the floodgate opened. I had to write again. So, here we are.

Seems apt that my return to Imaginary writing would kickoff with a JITM photobomb!
Seems apt that my return to Imaginary writing would kickoff with a JITM photobomb!

I’d like to tell you all about how visionary and fucking incredible the new KEXP home is. But right now I to need to gush that I JUST SAW ROBYN HITCHCOCK PERFORM FROM 10 FEET AWAY WHILST SITTING ON A PLUSH SOFA AND DRINKING A PERFECT ICED AMERICANO and really, is there any better tribute to KEXP than the fact that all of us are going to be able to have such experiences, over and over, as KEXP has this lease in Seattle Center for 30 years and the space is large and inviting and completely open to the public? It’s magical.


It was a four-song set, performed with the always delightful Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger, the Long Winters) on backing harmonies, opening with the ebullient “So You Think You’re In Love” and closing with the iconic tribute to Seattle “Viva Sea-Tac,” which Robyn noted had the honor of being the first song played in the new space. “”It’s great to be big on little radio,” he quipped. Aaaaaaand now that you’ve read that, you probably need to watch these immediately, which I’d encourage.

It’s always struck me as odd that an Englishman penned such an astute anthem for our fair city. So much of that song has become prophetic, with our mass influx of tech workers (“people flock like cattle to Seattle,” indeed) and our subsequent issues with housing prices and transportation/infrastructure issues our fair city is facing. It can’t be a hard slog some days, getting by in Seattle in 2016. But the jaunty beat and irreverent lyrics also sounded particularly hopeful today, especially for the future of KEXP in its new home: “Long live everything in Washington state, including everybody… May they live to a million years… clustered under the Space Needle.” Prophetic, indeed.

Luckily, I spent the event surround by Very Real/Non-Imaginary journalists, who asked probing questions and took with real cameras instead of iPhones, like the Seattle PI’s beautiful photo gallery of the tour (you can see me in the third photo, capturing the videos you see above!). I’m sure you’ll learn  details from them about how amazingly fucking glorious the new space is–the state-of-the-art specs about the in-studio space, the entirely soundproof DJ booth and video suite, and the intent that KEXP is moving from being an online and on-air radio station into being something truly visionary–a destination dedicated to music discovery, one built to generate community and develop new artists. It’s all true, and then some.

This new milestone for KEXP ensures a home for musical exploration in our city for years to come–perhaps not “millions,but they do have a 30-year lease on the space. And I, for one, take great comfort in that.

John Richards in front of a portion of the 40,000 (!!!) CDs at the new KEXP. Not shown: the 10,000 records in the vinyl library.

KEXP is hosting a grand opening on Saturday (April 16, 2016) and a bunch of friends (who happen to also be talented musicians) are stopping by to help with the house-warming party:

Noon – Short solo sets by Grace Love, Sera Cahoone, Mark Pickerel, DoNormaal, David Bazan (Gathering Space)
12:30 PMStrand of Oaks (Gathering Space)
1:30 PM – Interview with King County Council Member Joe McDermott (Gathering Space)
2:00 PM – Vita Radionova from Teatro Zinzanni (Gathering Space)
2:20 PM – Interview with Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, representing District 7 (Gathering Space)
3:00 PM – JUST ANNOUNCED Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings (Courtyard)
3:40 PMSamaris (Gathering Space)
5:00 PMBob Mould (Courtyard)
6:30 PM Hey Marseilles (Gathering Space)
7:10 PMDeep Sea Diver (Courtyard)
8:30 PM Car Seat Headrest (Gathering Space)

For those who can’t make it in person, join in the party and here the performances at / 90.3fm.

For full details on all the other activities and souveniers and details about Molly Moon’s “Cheryl Waters Middae Sundae” special, check KEXP’s blog.

Viva viva viva Seatac–and KEXP!

Top photo: Hi! I’m a Robyn Hitchcock superfan!

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Fly Moon Royalty video for “Grown Man” Is Star-Making

Are you there, TIG readers? It’s me, Imaginary Dana. It’s been {insert far too large a number} years since my last post.

But I’ve come out of imaginary retirement because there’s just too much goddamn musical goodness in Seattle this April, and I’m bursting to share it all.

Here’s the first gem: Seattle duo Fly Moon Royalty have just dropped this incredible video (for the even more incredible song) “Grown Man” and you need to watch and listen, right now.

As I’m typing this, only 75 people have watched this so far, so you can literally be one of the first people in the whole wide world to experience it. One day, you will tell your grandchildren this, and they will gasp.

As if the song weren’t amazing enough, the girl playing “Little Adra” (aspiring Seattle actress Chanicka Culcleasure) is amazing. She effortlessly blends a sense of innocence and sass to a clearly confrontational situation, bringing a sense of peaceful neutrality to her (presumed) parent’s argument, one which persists till the end for the viewer. I found myself unsure who to side with in their domestic squabble. Was he the innocent hard-working man he claimed, or the philandering man-child she accused him of being? And really, does it matter? So goes love.

“Grown Man” is just great, star-making work. Which brings me to one of my primary motivations for coming out of imaginary retirement: Why oh why isn’t Adra Boo an internationally famous and revered diva superstar yet?!? This guilt lies with all of us, Music Fans of Seattle. It is our collective failing as a city and a people, and I simply can’t live with myself if I don’t do everything in my power to amend this situation, post-haste.

Huge thanks to City Arts magazine for debuting the single. You have done your part. You can read their excellent coverage of the band here.

“Grown Man” is the debut single for the forthcoming record Delicious Trouble, which releases on April 22nd. Celebrate the release with Fly Moon Royalty at Chop Suey that night, alongside Breaks and Swells, CoCo Columbia and J-Justice. Get yer tickets early, as I’d bet a pretty penny this show is gonna sell out.

And also because Adra and Fly Moon Royalty are gonna be crazy famous on the success of this record. Say you were there! I’ll be proud to say I was.

Unless I can’t find a babysitter, in which case I will openly weep.


Top photo: Fly Moon Royalty. Photo credit: Bryan Campbell

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Duran Duran Met Jenny George

Duran Duran meets Jenny GeorgeSometimes just the right thing happens to just the right person, and everyone who witnesses can revel in the fact that, sometimes, the universe is benevolent and just. Last Friday night, I didn't just see a Duran Duran show. I saw a wish come true.

The wish was Jenny George’s, and she had waited 25 years for it to happen. Many readers know Jenny personally and many more will recognize her by name. She’s a ray of (extremely fashionable) light in the Seattle music community. Her outward beauty is eclipsed only by her kindness, generosity, and humility. Everyone who knows her knows she's had a big dream: that one day, she'd get to meet Duran Duran. To understand why, let’s step back to August 1986:

We have Duran Duran enjoying unparalleled success, arguably the quintessential band of their time. Perhaps they were hitting a rough patch (amid their Arcadia/Power Station/losing of several Taylors phase), but the "Fab Five" were still at their peak, the reigning New Wave Kings of the World.

At the same time, 12 year old Jenny was diagnosed with leukemia and told she had 30 days to live. She outlived that prognosis, and instead, endured daily chemotherapy for three long years, with an ongoing soundtrack of her favorite band, Duran Duran, providing musical solace to her ongoing struggle.

Jenny survived, and has thrived. She was told she'd never live to see 30. When she did, she decided to throw a massive benefit show to raise money for charity, and Dancing on the Valentine was born. The show's name is a nod to Duran Duran, as well as shout-out to Jenny's birthday (yes, it's Valentine's Day). Each year, a dozen or so bands vie to play covers of one of Jenny's favorite bands (for the first few years it was Duran Duran, and Factory Records, David Bowie, and Depeche Mode have each had a go), and Jenny then hand-delivers the proceeds to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Skip ahead to August 2011, a month before the band's scheduled tour date near Seattle. One of Jenny's friends, Susan Burgess, had an idea: Why not launch a social media campaign, to try to introduce Duran Duran to Jenny George?

Per Susan, "I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about Jenny and her story. It couldn’t be just one person writing a letter – I knew this had to be a community effort and that it would take the support of friends and friends of friends if it was going to go anywhere."

I’m one of those friends. Susan launched the Facebook page Duran Duran, meet Jenny George in August, and we set out to spread the word. And spread it did, to the point where we no longer even know how many people contacted the band on Jenny's behalf. What we do know is that through a crazy myriad of connections — including my college roommate in Alabama (THANK YOU, Kristina Scott!) — enough people from all around the world asked on Jenny’s behalf, and the Monday before the show we finally got the answer we were all working for: "Yes, Jenny can meet the band. Just tell everyone to please please stop with the requests." We told all 400 of our new best friends on Facebook to stand down, and then spent the rest of the week rejoicing (and figuring who was driving, and what the hell we were going to wear).

So, Friday night, we are all in Everett, and Jenny is awaiting the seven o'clock deadline when she will get the note from the band that tells her what to do next, as if it's 1986 all over again and we're trying to find some rave. There are six of us total, we're in some tiny Thai restaurant across the street from the events center, and we're trying to keep Jenny calm. Before our drinks even arrive, Susan and I head over with Jenny to the box office. I am carrying a box of Top Pot Doughnuts, because we've been told there will only be a +1, but surely, no one could turn down another friend who has Top Pot on hand, am I right?

No one can say no to Top Pot

We reach the box office and the envelope is THERE, sure enough, with a note that Jenny reads, her hands shaking.

It's official: in mere moments, Jenny will be meeting Duran Duran.

Also official: there are only two wrist bands. Susan and I look at each other — we’d each had a huge hand in this — and Susan had already told me earlier I could have the pass if I want it. Many of the industry contacts came via Three Imaginary Girls, or my personal connections. But I never had the courage to actually try to pull this altogether; she did. As much as I want to meet the band — and more importantly, to see Jenny meeting the band — this moment is hers. I affix their wristbands, we take photos, and I'm forced to hand off the dozen doughnuts to the nice fella checking tickets at the door because, "no food in the stadium."  Sigh.


Jenny at this point is elated, terrified. "What if they're mean?" she frets. I'm concerned too. Will the band acknowledge how much this moment means to Jenny? Or will they barely look up from their pens to ask her name before scrawling a meaningless signature on an even more meaningless piece of paper? We give final hugs and assurances, walk down the stairs, and Jenny and Susan are let into the inner sanctum.

Fortunately, I had good company while I waited, in imaginary Liz and Scott, the door guy. We chatted him up, as proper groupies always chat up backstage door guys. Scott only likes "oldies moldies" music, he saw the Beach Boys back in 1978, and he says no good music has come out since 1981. So, we have to assume, he's not a Duran Duran fan. But if I'm not mistaken, he's a big imaginary Liz fan.

Liz and her superfan

After 15-20 minutes, Jenny and Susan emerged, beaming, elated. The first thing I did was take this video, so I'll let Jenny tell you a bit herself:

In short: the band was wonderful. This was no “sign-your-record, step aside” sort of meet-and-greet. Simon Le Bon came bounding out of his dressing room, proclaiming, “Where’s the survivor?” They gave hugs, they took photos, and they even signed the original Dancing on the Valentine poster: "To Jenny, the Survivor."

Jenny with Duran Duran!

John in particular loved the poster. He read every band on the list, asking, "Did all of these bands play our songs?" before turning to their manager and asking if they could play the next one (!!). {Aside to the band: YES PLEASE!}

And aside to Rick of Seattle Show Posters — STRONG WORK!

John Taylor loves this poster

Simon Le Bon signs the poster

For Jenny the Survivor

Then they thanked her, and called her an inspiration. Yes, Duran Duran — who gave Jenny the will to live as a child, and the impetus to give so much back as an adult — thanked her for being an inspiration to them.  Their (totally sweet) manager Wendy wrote to Jenny shortly after the show and reiterated the message: "We were all truly inspired by your courage and determination – which shows that anything is possible in this world if you just believe."

* * * * *

Phew. After this whirlwind of elation and after all this, there was a show! And really, the meet and great experience was a tough act to follow (especially for me, the writer). So let's see: this was the first date of the band's latest tour, in support of their new record, All You Need is Now.

They played a lot of new songs, and I say this with the caveat that I consider nearly everything after Seven & the Ragged Tiger "a new song." The crowd was buoyant, responsive both to the tracks off the new record and the classics (though admittedly singing along with the classics more). Personal  highlights and notes from me:

As if it weren't obvious above: John Taylor is still a mega-babe. The whole band is, really, and we were all marveling that they all still have such great hair.

John Taylor, Duran Duran
Photo by Sunny Hong

All these years later, "Planet Earth" still sounds absolutely killer.

The band can cover a mean Frankie Goes to Hollywood, though I'm still a bit dumbfounded why they did.

Those big molded heads over the stage were kinda scary and kinda cool all at the same time—especially during the opening notes of "The Reflex."

Quote of the night: Simon Le Bon proclaiming: "You might have 700 lbs of ice underneath you, but up here you're hotter than hell!"

I lied. The real quote of the night was in the epic introducing-the-band-during-Girls-on-Film, when Simon proclaimed that, "We. Are. Duran. Duran! A band designed, to give you, AN ORGASM!"

I'm not lying. He really did say both those things. He is the consummate frontman. The crowd went wild.

Duran Duran will give you an orgasm. Ahem.
Photo by Sunny Hong

Want the setlist? I don't have the setlist, but these guys do.

Speaking of the setlist—I spied lots of gaps in the back catalog. No "Rio" or "Save a Prayer," fellas? You're breaking our imaginary hearts over here. (Though for the record, we would be happy to give you a chance to make it up to us by playing either of the songs at the next Dancing on the Valentine, likely to be held on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at the luckiest rock venue in Seattle.)

* * * * *

How often in life do you have the chance to witness one of your dearest friends have her dream come true—and to know you played a part in making it happen?

Not often enough. And it's not just me. Jenny's joy burst out of Facebook and has followed her for days, everywhere she's gone — indeed, our whole community in Seattle.

As our imaginary pal Matt Brown posted to Facebook within minutes of the photo of Jenny and the band going live:

"Jenny George has FINALLY met Duran Duran! There is still a spark of justice and goodness in the world when something this perfect happens for the right person, and I am ecstatic for her tonight."

"Walking around yesterday with Jenny, we didn’t cover half a block without running into someone Jenny knows. Every one of them broke into a huge smile, and yelled “Congratulations!," while quickly moving in for a hug and to hear the whole story," said Susan. "It feels as though the whole city is basking in 'post-Duran Duran bliss.'"

She's right—we are. Those of us who know Jenny are still reveling that we all somehow made this dream come true for her. The world could use more moments like these. They elevate us all.

Success! Duran Duran
Success! Photo by Sunny Hong

Conor Oberst Imaginary Scoop M. Ward Monsters of Folk My Morning Jacket On The Road P-Vine Paramount Theatre Rough Trade Records Shangri-La Music Spunk

A whole lotta news about Monsters of Folk

Monsters of Folk

Have you heard about Monsters of Folk yet? If not, it’s probably because you’re not lucky enough to get PR emails. Our imaginary inboxes have been full-to-overflowing with news of the project, a collaborative effort of three indie-heavyweights: Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, Jimmy James of My Morning Jacket, and singer-songwriter M. Ward.

We batted the idea of who should blog the project up, without much success. We at TIG all hold our grudges, and Monsters of Folk seems to have hit on a few of them. First imaginary ChrisB chimed in. “The beard quotient seems a little low (50%) for a band called Monsters of Folk,he noted. And he has a point.

Imaginary Liz added, “Conor might be my imaginary boyfriend, but I’m not a fan when his friend Jim James takes over the vocal duties.”

I sit on her side of the My Morning Jacket fence as well; however, I make an exception for this project. In fact, I had the pleasure of seeing them perform Liz back in… oh, what year was that? Let’s just say 2004. The three had some special chemistry and a whole lotta talent up there together.

So it became my duty and pleasure to share all the exciting Monsters of Folk news. New record! New tourdates! Free song download! Here are the deets.

First of all, the background:

“Monsters of Folk began as folklore of sorts, when James, Oberst, Ward and Mogis did their first run of shows together in 2004.  Like the musical revue shows that went town to town when rock ‘n’ roll was newly born, the tour was called “An Evening With:  Bright Eyes, Jim James and M. Ward,” although amongst friends and crew, it became affectionately known as the “Monsters of Folk Tour.”  While entertaining audiences coast to coast with gorgeous acoustic melodies and world-weary tales, the foursome vowed to make their way to a studio at some point after the tour’s completion.”

Next up, the new record:

“Monsters of Folk will be releasing their first collaborative album on September 22nd.  The self-titled effort was recorded in Malibu, CA and Omaha, NE, and produced by Mogis. The record will be released in North America on Shangri-La Music, and internationally on Rough Trade (UK/Europe), Spunk Records (Australia/New Zealand) and P-Vine Records (Japan).

All four members play every instrument on the album, supplying everything from drum kills to cascading backing vocals.  The songs – some road-worn fables, some intimate and intricate with electronic elements, some woozy and sun-soaked – are everything one expects from these four musical minds collaborating together.  The album exudes a warm, organic spaciousness, filled by brilliant choruses, intoxicating harmonies and effortless melodies, as each member brings his own strengths to the table to create one perfect whole.”

And now, the tour dates:


10/13: Vancouver, BC @ Orpheum

10/14: Portland, OR Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

10/15: Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre

10/17: Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater

10/18: Los Angeles, CA @ The Greek Theatre

10/20: San Diego, CA @ Spreckels Theatre

10/21: Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theater

10/22: Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl

10/28: Omaha, NE @ Holland Center

10/29: Minneapolis, MN @ Orpheum Theatre

10/30: Chicago, IL @ Auditorium Theatre

10/31: Louisville, KY @ Louisville Palace Theatre

11/02: Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall

11/03: Boston, MA @ The Orpheum

11/06: New York, NY @ United Palace

11/08: New York, NY @ Beacon Theater

11/09: Philadelphia, PA @ Academy of Music

11/12: Stockholm, SE @ Philadelphia Church

11/14: Berlin, DE @ Huxleys

11/15: Copenhagen, DK @ Vega

11/17: London, UK @ Troxy

11/18: Paris, FR @ Elysee Montmartre

11/19: Koln, DE @ E-Werk

11/21: The Hague, NL @ Crossing Border

11/22: Antwerp, BE @ Crossing Border

Phew, that’s a big ‘un! And now lastly, the free song download:

“The musicians have made a track from their forthcoming self-titled debut album available for FREE. Their website is giving away the song, titled “Say Please,” to anyone who visits the site and types “please” into the request form.”

Awww, those fellows aren’t just talented, they have nice manners. Always nice to see. And in the always pithy words of Imaginary Liz, “That “Say Please” song is pretty rad. They’ve totally been playing Guitar Hero in their spare time.”

Well said, Liz. Well said.


H is for Hellgate Imaginary Scoop

H is for Hellgate calling it quits, final show July 23

H is for Hellgate photo by Jenny Jimenez
{photo by Jenny Jimenez}

Forget press releases, music blogs, phone calls from my Mom: I find out most everything in life these days by Facebook status updates. Couples get engaged (or break-up), pals travel to exciting places, former high school classmates make more babies, and bands play rock shows… and call it quits. Guess which event this blog post is about…?

Sadly, I just received a Facebook invite of the band break-up variety: Seattle band H is for Hellgate just posted an event to their final show, and we’re all invited. From the short-but-sweet invite:

“Jon is moving overseas, so Ben and I are putting down H Is for Hellgate. Please come and celebrate our final performance with us.”

Sad, sad news. But should be a great show. It’s at the Comet on Thursday, July 23, with support from Bone Cave Ballet, To the Waves, and Oregon Donor. Be there, and bring your hanky — and some earplugs.

Fleet Foxes Imaginary Scoop Robin Pecknold Sub Pop

Photo(s) of the day: Robin Pecknold headlining the A Drink for the Kids benefit

From the most lovely and talented Sarah Jurado, here’s a shot of Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold, headlining last night’s A Drink for the Kids Vera Project Benefit.

Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, photo by Sarah Jurado

I’ve gotta admit, I didn’t recognize him for a moment, what with the shorn locks. Nice new ‘do, Robin! (Or at least, new to me.) And because I can’t resist a tender sibling moment, check out this fantastic shot of Robin with his (likewise lovely and talented) sis, Aja, who joined him onstage to cover Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Robin and Aja Pecknold

The night also featured performances by local faves Grand Hallway and Throw Me the Statue. Sarah has a sweet writeup of the event over on her blog,  and more photos over at the TIG Flickr pool. Enjoy!

Live Show Review Sunset Tavern The Long Winters

Last night's secret Long Winters show at the Sunset

The Long Winters played a secret show at the Sunset last night, and it was actually like, a secret!

Generally speaking, “secret” shows in Seattle go a bit like this — that is, they’re an extremely loudly whispered secret, at best. Barsuk Records are better secret keepers than most. (Remember that secret Death Cab show at the Croc back in 2003? Of course you don’t — because only like 50 people knew about it and actually showed up. But boy oh boy, was that ever a treat for those of us who did make it.)

Last night at the Sunset, the few people who got wind of it had a similar treat — the Long Winters and Telekinesis played an understated secret show, to celebrate Grant from Barsuk’s 30th birthday (happy birthday, Grant!).

The Long Winters haven’t played out in ages, and the band’s set was gloriously sloppy though far too short, and featured Michael Lerner of Telekinesis filling in (magnificently, I might add) on drums. Connsumate frontman John Roderick called out for requests from the audience to fill in the band’s five-song set, consulting with Michael and birthday boy Grant on the final song picks. While they didn’t pick any of mine requests (“Unsalted Butter” and “Stupid”), my imaginary posse and I were thrilled to bits with the songs they did play:

  • Car Parts
  • Medicine Cabinet Pirate
  • Pushover
  • Cinnamon
  • Nora

Long Winters Set List

My favorite highlight: when bass player Eric Corson stopped “Medicine Cabinet Pirate” about a minute in and insisted John move his capo and start over. Lerner was enthralling to watch; his enthusiasm and obviously excitement for the set was just obvious. Does anyone else think he bears a resemblance to a young Ben Gibbard, or is it just me? He’s got that cute little mushroom cap head going on…

Anyhoo. We rushed over to the show so quickly, we didn’t have proper cameras or anything, though the lovely imaginary victoria did capture this short and lo-fi video of the tail end of “Car Parts” as proof of the whole event:

Despite the setlist shown above, “Freebird” wasn’t free and made no appearance in the far-too-short setlist, nor did we get to hear a sneak peak at any of the alleged “new songs” John has been twittering about. He did suggest that those of us attending the Doe Bay Music Festival next month might get to hear a sampling.

I’ll be there.

Cause Freebird isn’t free. Erm, or something.


Imaginary Scoop

Got kids? Got Dad? Wanna get free tickets to the KEXP Father's Day Dance Party…?

kexp dance party

If you're like me — as in, you have a munchkin at home — you know how hard it can be to rally and get out to a club. Thankfully, salvation comes for us parental folk with a hankering for rock venues this Sunday, when KEXP hosts its Fourth Annual Father's Day Dance Party.

Here's the scoop, straight from the proverbial horse's mouth:

We're excited to announce that our annual Father's Day Kids Dance Party is coming up on 6/21. It's a super fun event for families of kids under 12, that features KEXP DJ's Darek Mazzone, Kid Hops, and Riz, plus a ton of fun games, crafts, activities, break dancing lessons by Massive Monkees, Cupcake Royal cupcakes and more!

Crafts, cupcakes, breakdancing lessions! This sounds like huge big fun to me. If you feel the same way, you're in luck. Our kind friends at KEXP have offered up a free pair of tickets for one lucky imaginary reader.

Email us here (with the subject line: KEXPFatherDayBash) before Thursday at noon to be entered to win!

Chop Suey Imaginary Scoop Sleepy Eyes of Death Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

Free tickets alert: Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Sleepy Eyes of Death

Sleepy Eyes of Death, photo by Amelia Gyde

Another day, another free ticket giveaway… this time, for two different shows — both at Chop Suey, both 21+, both awesomeness. 

  • Friday, May 1: Sleepy Eyes of Death (with Constant Lovers and Weekend)
    Enter to win {email tig at with the subject line: SleepyEyes}

  • Saturday, May 2: Thao with the Get Down Stay Down (with Sister Suvi and Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers)
    Enter to win
      {email tig at with the subject line: ThaoGetDownStayDown}


Ready, set…. go enter! Deadline to enter for both shows is Wednesday night, April 29.


Flowers Forever Imaginary Scoop The Black Lips The Dutchess and the Duke

Win tickets to see the Black Lips at Neumo's

Happy Monday morning! Let's kickstart this very real work week with an imaginary ticket giveaway.

We have a free pair of tickets to see the Black Lips with Flowers Forever and the Dutchess and the Duke this Saturday, April 25th. It's going to be a fine show, and it's 21+ only (sorry kiddos).

Email us by Thursday to enter to win. Good luck!