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NME has posted their "Cool" findings for 2007 on their website and has opened the voting for the Readers' Top 10 on their website.

The NME editorial staff ranked cool-kids like so:

 1. Frank Carter, Gallows (new)
 2. Jamie Reynolds, Klaxon (last year 13)
 3. Lovefoxxx, CSS (last year 10)
 4. Ryan Jarman, The Cribs (re-entry)
 5. Lethal Bizzle (new)
 6. Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys (last year 32)
 7. Kate Nash (new entry)
 8. Amy Winehouse (last year 50)
 9. Beth Ditto, Gossip (last year 1)
10. Keith Richards (last year 26)


I need Erik G to truly critique (and decipher) it for me, but I have to point out the oddness of making Beth Ditto #9 AFTER Amy… and after that Klaxon? And Keith Richards? Is that the token classic dude? I'm guessing that means last year David Bowie was on the list? 

Good to know at least the Readers' Top Ten shouts out to Jack White and Jarvis Cocker (who should be #1, always).