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All parts Oregon, Point Juncture, WA is going to rock you. Slowly. In their collectively cradled arms. And when they do, you should look at the calluses on their hands and be thankful that someone out there is working hard to provide for you. They released Heart To Elk in February 2009 on Mt. Fuji Records.
The Pica Beats have had a change in their lineup since their album, Beating Back the Claws of the Cold, came out in 2008. Now their live show is even better than their album, so I strongly recommend catching them tonight, as you will be wowed by their barely there harmonies and bounding drum beats.
Black Whales will be playing Kinks flavored songs off Origins, their EP coming out this fall. Grant Olsen of Arthur and Yu, fellow Hardly Art-ers with The Pica Beats, will be playing his solo work. 
Listen, love it, pay for it for a cause.