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Guess what? Wow, how’d you know? Another killer band from Canada is on the radar and playing Neumos tonight for Noise For The Needy. The Constantines, from Ontario, have been making rock n’ roll spin on it’s top since 1999. Believe it or not, that was ten years ago. Living in this transitory day and age when a band you love rarely puts out an LP before breaking up and redefining their sound, you can bet that you’ll be getting the ripe fruit of The Constantines’ labor.

Crystal Antlers are a different story. Hailing from California they yell over guitars that wail and organ that lends a pleasant drone to their upbeat tempo. Their songs are neatly stitched together quilts of prog-rock, psychedelia, and punk noise. They’re touring for their new album, Tentacles.

Hey Marseilles, an orchestral heart-breaking Seattle band, brings to mind Sufjan Stevens without sounding like every note is tear-stained. No, they’re not tear-stained, but they might make you cry when they accelerate into unexpected verses. Norwegian band, I Was A King actually does include Sufjan Stevens, but isn’t overwhelmed by him. Their fuzzy power pop can stray into shoe induced gazing session, but you’ll probably get whiplash when your head snaps to attention for their catchy melodies.