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Posters can be a tangible reminder of a night that changed your life, or a beautiful piece of art to commemorate a show, and in most cases, they’re both. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter! Peanut butter and chocolate! However you like to do it, rad shows and killer posters are two great tastes that taste great together. And in the last ten years of our existence, we have definitely had our hand in helping to assemble a lot of great shows, and subsequently, a lot of great posters have been birthed as a result. We’ve had the good fortune of working with art shops and designers like at Seattle Show Posters, Corianton Hale, Pete Hilgendorf, Sam Trout, and Killorn O’Neill, among others. But you don’t have to just take our word for how visually impressive this past decade has been — you can get together with us for a very special First Thursday and come and see for yourselves.

You guessed it: there’s another anniversary event brewing, and you’re invited!

Come on down to 112 Printworks for October’s First Friday Art Walk in Fremont on October 5th — yep, that’s just around the corner — for a free, all-ages night of loving poster-gazing (and purchasing in some cases, if you’re so inclined) for the Imaginary Poster Show. We’ll have snacks and bevvies and a live music set from none other than Nana Grizol’s own Theo Hilton (also of the amazing acoustic punk rock band, Defiance, Ohio).  The night starts at 6pm with Theo Grizol taking the stage around 7pm.

Plus, the posters! Remember that time Visqueen, The Cops, and Tennis Pro played the Croc the summer of 2005? We’ve got the poster! Or, the unforgettable night that all your favorite bands covered the Magnetic Field’s 69 Love Songs to a sold out Crocodile? We’ll have that one too! Or our Top of the Croc birthday extravaganza — all of these moments in time will be frozen on the walls of 112 Printworks for one night only, on Friday, October 5th.

Did we already mention that the event is free and all ages? We hope to see you there!

{112 Printworks is located at 112 North 36th Street in Fremont. Free / all ages / 6p – 10p}