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I know, I know. ANOTHER Kickstarter post, Amie? Don't worry, this one isn't for Zach Braff. Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the trailer for The Glamour & the Squalor? It's a documentary about Marco Collins, and covers a huge, important part of his huge, important life — as well as the local music scene.

Anyway! They're in the home stretch and trying to raise at least $50,000 in order to finish the film up (and if they get to $125,000, the music they score the film with will be AWESOME). Anything helps, and you can score a digital download of the film, signed DVDs, bragging rights — hell, even a DJ set with Marco himself if you put up enough cheddar.

I dare you to watch the trailer and not tear up just a little. And, you know, if you have some money to give, giving it to locally-created film about a local guy who's pretty damn cool seems like a boss idea.