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The Thermals at Neumos in Seattle. April 25, 2013
(Photo of one of our favorite bands (every day of every year) from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Photo Pool / Photo by David Lee)

The Weekday show on KUOW (94.9fm) is spicing things up with the addition of a weekly music set! This Tuesday morning segment will feature a rotating cast of music aficionados, talking about their favorite songs of the moment.  

I am excited and quite humbled to have been chosen to visit the KUOW studios tomorrow (Tuesday, May 7) to talk about a handful of the songs I'm currently listening to on repeat (and repeat and repeat)!

You can hear the segment TOMORROW, at 9:20am on 94.9fm, or online at

What songs do you have on high rotation this blissfully sunny week?

***POST-RADIO SHOW UPDATE *** May 7, 2013***

In case you didn't hear thes segment, you can find a link to listen to the archive of it on the KUOW Weekday page for today. I'm around the 9:40am mark.  

Want to hear those selections again?

The Heligoats – "Drai Zich" from the album Back To The Ache (listen) (buy)

The Purrs – "Rotting on the Vine" from the album The Boy with Astronaut Eyes (listen)

BOAT – "Inside of an Aquarium" from the album Pretend to Be Brave (listen) (buy)

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – "Buzz Buzz Buzz" from the album Back In Your Life (buy)