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This morning I was perusing the mp3 blogs (which is very easy now, thanks to Hype Machine) and came across a Scottish pop band called Cancel the Astronauts. I've been grooving to them for about 15 minutes now, but they have some pretty catchy tunes. You hear elements of Elvis Costello, Imperial Teen, and in the video below you can hear some Franz Ferdinand (and not just because they're fellow Scotlanders).

Their MySpace page says accurately:

We're a band! We’ve got songs about stalking and inappropriate lusting and sexing and stuff, and other songs with guitars in and nice beats you can dance to, and yet another song in which we threaten you with driving lessons.

The best part is that they've made all of their songs available for free mp3 downloads on their website. My favorite of the moment is "I am President of Your Fanclub (and last night I followed you home)", but they're all worth your time.

Here's a video from a live performance of "Let's Talk":

Tip of the hat to Indie MP3.