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I'm always eager for the chance to use the "irresponsible speculation" tag I created almost a year ago, and this morning brought me one of those such opportunities.

Later this week the full lineup for the Bonnaroo Festival, taking place in Manchester, TN is being revealed, but they're giving out a few hints that you can guess who's playing in the form of riddles. Stereogum's got the riddles, and I'll repost them here.

Guess away in the comments, if you're up to it. You know you really didn't want to do any actual work on a Monday anyway. The riddles wrapped in a mystery inside a conundrum are:

    1. "There is more than one Manchester"
    2. "Memphis isn't Albany"
    3. "Clouds taste this way"
    4. "Some Herrings are red, Jimmy"
    5. "Hard Substance, Soft Substance"
    6. "Janis Joplin's reserves will be preserved"
    7. "Rumors are just rumors, but twist them sideways, grow your humor hair and they become a more yen reality. No, this is not about Fleetwood Mac"
    8. "It's not sour, what is sowed in the earth"
    9. "Three certain birds, add one"
    10. "Look to the center of Europe to get the sound, but the band comes form all around."
    11. "Here is another clue for you message board people. Open up the church and you will see the steeple. Some of your guesses have been way off but correct for the wrong clues. Now I must cough."