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I have two weaknesses – dance music and catchy love songs. Enter Stage Left, The Black Ghosts. I've been listening to their four song EP, Any Way You Choose to Give It and can't stop listening to the title song.

The three remaining songs on the EP, "I Want Nothing', "Full Moon" and "Something New" veer from sounding like mid-80s Gene Loves Jezebel to 60s folk pop. I could take it or leave most of EP, but let me get back to that title song….

"I hope you know what you're doing to me..."

"Any Way You Choose To Give It" has become that song I put on before I leave the house, listen to when the work day is done or when I want to think of my honey. It totally gets me going and puts the cheesiest smile on my face. The chorus is stuck in my brain:

"I only know that you're the one that always makes me feel it/It's nothing that you do or say/It's just the way you are/If I could bottle what you got then life would be perfect/I will take it as it comes any way you choose to give it"

While I'm not hearing anything all that original on this EP, it has become my sliver, a shard of music that has found its way under my skin that I now rub with warm familiarity.

Here's a video for "Anyway You Choose to Give It" – everybody dance!