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First there was Carissa's Wierd. Mat Brooke formed the somber, sparsely arrange lo-fi band, which went on to great acclaim in Seattle and earned a special place forever in my imaginary heart. They began to tour and gain attention worldwide, and then broke-up. Sadness all around.

Then there was Horses, who became Band of Horses. Mat Brooke and Ben Bridwell (who also did time with Carissa's Wierd) played some local shows, got signed to Sub Pop, and went on to *huge* critical acclaim worldwide. Then Mat left the band. Not sure what's going to happen next. More sadness.

And now we have Archives (who now apparently have become Grand Archives). I first heard about them from Curtis "DJ Curtis" Hall, former drummer for the Jeunes, about a month or so ago when I ran into him at the Comet and he told me he was in a new band with Mat Brooke. I was excited, but guarded.

A new Mat Brooke band is surely a thing to be treasured. But I'm reluctant to put my heart — so closely linked to my eardrums — out on the line again. Will the third time be a charm for my love affair with all-musical-things-Mat-Brooke? I saw that Pitchfork "Forkcasted" Archives recently… but I can't bear to listen. Can someone listen for me and tell me if they're just going to break my heart again?

PS ~ According to Lineout, Grand Archives were just added to the Modest Mouse/Love As Laughter bill at the Paramount on April 15th. Good thing the show is already sold out so I can't get tickets.