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Colin MeloyAccording to the Decemberists newsletter, fans will be (50 cent word inserted here in honor of Mr. Meloy) ebullient to learn of the release of the 3rd and final volume of Always the Bridesmaid: A Singles Series, featuring the (seasonally appropriate) singles "Record Year for Rainfall" and "Raincoat Song."

Also of note, their 4th LP, The Hazzards of Love is complete, has a track list, and will be released in the US on March 24. 2009. 

Though many truly enjoyed The Crane Wife, and most fans would never wish to deny an excellent band commercial success, let us hope that Hazzards will be a return to earlier form- less bloat and more melodic simplicity. Meloy is a exceptional lyricist, and it felt as though the quality of his lyrics suffered for the "bigger" sound on The Crane Wife.  The intimacy of the previous albums and their simple, clean, lovely instrumentation allowed Meloy's vocals and lyrics to shine, the reason most Decemberists fans fell in love with theim in the first place.


(amazing photo by Chona Kasinger)