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For this next installment of Athens Popfest hysteria, let me geek out about one of my favorite indie pop bands ever, the venerable Go Sailor, who happen to be performing right before the Wedding Present Thursday the 12th at the 40 Watt. BEST SHOW EVER!

Go Sailor probably have one the highest ratio of influence to released materials in indie pop. With just three EPs and a handful of compilation tracks to their name and 13 years of not playing shows, they’ve still managed to be one of the most important bands to multiple generations of indie pop kids. With the sweetest of love songs and the some of the best breakup anthems ever, their songs have provided the soundtrack for falling in and out of love on thousands upon thousands of mix tapes over the years.

To us younger generation pop fans, seeing Go Sailor perform live seemed like a futile wish until Rose Melberg (the Softies, Tiger Trap, her own solo material), Amy Linton (Henry’s Dress, the Aislers Set), and Paul Curran (Crimpshine) decided to give it a go for the Slumberland  Records 20th Anniversary parties in California this past March, and I’m pleased as punch that they’ll be joining the ranks for Popfest this year.

“When we played together again after a 13 year break it felt like no time had passed,” noted Rose Melberg. “We even kind of all look just the same as we did back then! I love those guys so much. I’m so glad that we get this chance to play one last show in Athens. Those two shows just weren’t enough.”

Though each of the members are probably more famous for their own work separately, there’s something magical that happens when they join together, blending Rose Melberg’s sweet-as-candy vocals (with often bitter as quinine subject matter) with Paul Curran’s pop-punk bouncy bass lines held down by a perfect danceable beat provided by Ms. Linton.  Bring your dance moves and your favorite sweetheart (or your broken heart) and ride the indie pop rollercoaster through what will be an incredible set and prepare to move: there may or may not have been slam dancing at the LA Slumberland show. Yep, Go Sailor is a band that makes twee pop fans slam dance. Get ready.

And here is a video of Go Sailor’s fabulous reunion show from the Slumberland 20 party, courtesy of Pop Song Romance, performing one of my all time favorite songs, “Together Forever In Love”.