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Most of us have a story or two gathered from summers spent at camp (or our excuses to get out of it). Whether yours are juicy or traumatic, our friends at Team Clermont (an Athens, GA based music/PR firm) have put together a music fun fest to put all our tales to shame: Team Clermont Summer Camp!

Their camp starts Thursday, July 31st with "Camp Orientation” at which I'm sure introductions and some camp bug juice will be consumed. From there the fun will kick into high gear as some of their favorite musical acts take the stage as well as show off their various talents through arts, crafts, karaoke, kickball, Four Square, Corn Hole, dancing, and a scavenger hunt. Is there anything more fun than a scavenger hunt!?!

Summer Camp will run through August 2nd and culminate in a night of sing-alongs featuring members of Elf Power, of Montreal, Elf Power, We Versus the Shark, Cinemechanica, Casper & the Cookies, Dark Meat, and more covering ESG (Tiny Sticks), mclusky (F*ck This Band), and Paul McCartney and Wings (Hi Hi Hi) songs!

The TC folks have really thought of everything, they even made a muxtape for us to listen to while packing our duffle bag (don't forget your teddy bear!)

I haven't found any other official listings of it anywhere on the web, but if you're within roadtrip distance of Athens, head down there and send us a postcard!

And while we're on the topic, do you have any camp stories you want to share? What tape/cd did you listen to on repeat to get through the athletic portions?

I really wish I had this song to play on repeat those first few nights in the bunks.

{Yes, this whole post is a ruse just to be able to post this video 😉  }