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For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth on TIG about the ever-earlier return of Christmas  Holiday music, it doesn't seem to be the view of the mainstream public. In fact, just perusing the current Billboard Top 100 albums, you can find the following albums (all marked as "gaining"):

  •  #6 Josh Groban: Noel
  • #28 Mannheim Steamroller: Christmas Song
  • #60 Toby Keith: A Classic Christmas
  • #62 Various: Disney Channel Holiday (I am assuming they mean the Christmas holiday season and not Arbor Day)
  • #73 Larry the Cable Guy: Christmastime in Larryland (a classic!)
  • #91 Trans-Siberian Orchestra: EP
  • #92 Michael W. Smith: Its a Wonderful Christmas
At least the current #1, Jay Z's American Gangster has nothing to do with Christmas from what I can tell. It is the "unofficial" soundtrack to the Ridley Scott film of the same name, and only entered the charts a mere 35 spots over the official soundtrack. And heck, this is Jay Z's tenth #1 album! Wow, go hova.
Some other debuts: Garth Brooks greatest hits at #3. Did anyone else notice that Garth Brooks recently became the biggest selling solo music artist EVER? That's nuts, bigger than Elvis, Michael Jackson, you name it.
Blink 182 post-project Angels and Airwaves made it in at #9 while Sigur Ros entered at #58 with Hvarf/Heim, which to me sounds like noises my cat might make instead of an album title (but Sigur Ros is already hard at work on a proper new album with Flood!)
Finally, Brits falls down to #7 after debuting at #2. Sorry girl!