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Seattle band "Awesome"'s Beehive Sessions blends sounds and harmonies that evoke the 60s and 70s while offering up quirky technical lyrics, reminding us we live in modern times.

"Awesome" suggest their sound is comparable to the Beatles, the Decemberists, and They Might Be Giants. Like TMBG, "Awesome" is reaching for topics that don't seem likely song candidates – cellular structure of the human body and computer binary code – on songs like "The Cell Song" and "Ones and Zeroes." What makes these topics accessible and intriguing is the music and amazing harmonies, which trigger thoughts of Crosby, Stills and Nash ("Buddha Nature" and "Telephone"). No, I did not expect to make that connection in relation to a modern indie band either, but it fits so well. Voices are layered to offer a lush soundscape. The only song that misses the mark is "Sherrie," which sounds like a sequel to Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie" crossed with Frankie Avalon's falsetto.

Beehive Sessions is pleasantly surprising. More consistent than Delaware, the band's debut CD, the songs are fun, easygoing, and could perhaps help you out on a science test.