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Since my listening habits lean toward live music, so must my Best of 2008 list. Looking back on the 100+ shows I’ve seen this year, several stand out, but last New Year's Eve at The Comet with Feral Children and The Trucks was my favorite. The melding of these bands’ fans in a small space with LOTS of alcohol created a very loud and sometimes volatile yet always celebratory night.

Specific songs come to mind when I review my 2008 show list. My favorites of the year are:

Battles “Atlas”
Feral Children “The Beast=Goldmine”
Radiohead “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
Dead Confederate “Get Out”
The Shackeltons “Get Out”
Head Like a Kite “We Were So Entangled”
Truckasauras “Porkwich”
The Whore Moans “5250 Blur”
Pleasureboaters “Cigarette Song”
The Trucks “Zombie”

Other favorite live bands seen in 2008 include:

Sleepy Eyes of Death
Partman Parthorse
Black Eyes & Neckties
Wild Orchid Children
The Saturday Knights
The Breeders
A Gun That Shoots Knives
Thee Emergency

And there are so many more. How can I not mention “Awesome”, The Dead Science, Flipper, Cancer Rising, Police Teeth, The Posies, Portugal. The Man, No Age or Green River? What were your favorites in the live show realm? I’m ready to start next year’s list.