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Dear Rachel,

i need some help. i met a really cute boy in a band and i think he was flirting with me… but when it came time to say goodbye he just said, "it was nice meeting you" — should i follow up right away? do i hunt him down at their next show? or just wait for him to find me? what should i do?

help (!),

batty over band boy


Dear BOBB,

You can't swing a dead cat in this town and not hit a woman in your exact situation. Take comfort in the fact you've just been drafted into the What-The-Fuck-Is-Up-With-Him-Army. First encounters are tricky, perhaps he didn't want to seem too eager or desperate (guys in bands are notoriously crippled on the inside) or scare you away by taking an infrared photo of your retina.

If you're super batts about him and haven't a subtle way to get in touch, I'd casually plan to go where you think he'll be, see how he reacts to your presence. Body language is key. If he looks at you like you're Glenn Close with a double-boiler, get out of there — he sucks. If he looks at you sheepishly, hands in pockets, foot to the side nervous and says, "Nice to see you again," keep talking, flirting and gear yourself up for disappointment! Because, and I'm sorry about this, he's in a band. And it most likely stinks.



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