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Luna Park just might be the nicest band in Seattle. Bass player Arthur Hagman was one of the first people to sign up for our mailing list when we kicked off our site last year, and has been a consistent supporter of us ever since. When we started our Coffee with a Rockstar feature, they offered to buy US coffee because, as he said, "We're just so nice (John Richards said so 😉 ) that we'd probably buy the coffee."

They have invited us to every show since then, but through some horrid conspiratal forces in the Universe, we have been unable to attend time and time again. So when I saw they were having a CD release party at the Crocodile, I marked it on the imaginary calendar months in advance — in INK.

I showed up at 10:30, exactly when I thought Luna Park would come on… only to hear the final two songs of the set. D'oh! Doncha hate it when they rearrange the line-up like that?

But you know, it wasn't totally my fault. This was my first all-ages show at the Croc. Drinking was limited to the bar in the back. Can't have drinks in the show room? Again I say — D'oh! So really, we were busy being denied admittance because of the damn kids… I mean, supporting the all-ages music communitity in this town. That's why we missed most of the show. {Tho incidently, I saw no one who appeared under 21. But maybe that's just me.}

But enough about that. It's not nice to complain about a show where the nicest band in Seattle played.

Sooo…. I can tell you about those two songs… plus the fine Luna Park folks gave lateD their new CD Excuses to Save the Day (see? I told you they were the nicest!)

(on guitar) and Here's what I heard: straight-forward rock from this four-piece outfit. A lively stage presence, an animated bass player. A smidge of twang, but not enough to warrant an alt-country sorta status. The band features competent vocals from both Lucinda GermerShane Thompson (also on guitar), with Jeremy Hill banging those skins in the back. I like the male/female duality in voice, and they harmonize well together. They rock, but in a sweet, friendly way. Like I said, they're the nicest band in Seattle.

Oh! And Lucinda baked chocolate chip cookies to share with everyone to celebrate the occasion. Guys: pay attention! The girl rockers know a thing or two about hospitality, and I for one think it's cool! Feed your fans!!

All in all, a fine impression based on the two songs I heard live… so Luna Park gets a promise that next time, I'll be on time. After all, it's the least I could do for the nicest band in Seattle…