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{The Head and the Heart / by Abbey Simmons}

All hands on deck! We’ve heard about an amazing opportunity for you to lend the Head and the Heart a hand with their next video — and all it’ll take is a lamp. Or four.

If you’re anything like us, you feel a sense of hometown pride when you hear about all the awesome that’s been bestowed upon this band of late, from selling out shows to signing with Sub Pop, and all as a well-deserved result of the hard work these guys (and gal) have put into their art. Each radio play, each responsive crowd, each best-selling list comes down to one thing — well, a bunch of one things — and that’s you. Band loving, ticket-buying you. Every single last one of you. Us, really. And so, as the Head and the Heart go from taking over the town to taking over the world, they’re giving pause to let us be a part of the moment.

Starting at 7pm tonight, people will be on-hand at the Living Room {1355 E Olive Way in Seattle} to accept your lovely (working) loaner lamps. They’ll be used by Christian Hansen and Bobby McHugh for the band’s video shoot later this month, and returned promptly thereafter. Plus, you’ll be able to get your photo snapped by Christian tonight — with your lamp — both for fun and for posterity’s sake.

So, if you want the chance to yell, “Hey! That’s my lamp!” when this video comes to life across the airwaves, make your way down to the Living Room tonight. The venue is a bar, so please be sure to send it with a 21+ friend if you’re not old enough to take it down there on your own. You + your love for this band + a funky lamp + a side of hometown pride = unstoppable.

{Photo credit: Abbey Simmons / Sound on the Sound}