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As you might have seen yesterday in my best of the decade list, I LOVE Beulah. I’m such a sucker for Miles Kurosky’s songwriting, and sadly, I didn’t discover my love for Beulah until after their demise as a band. Every time I put on The Coast Is Never Clear, I wonder what it would have been like to see Beulah, and I always make some comment that they’re one of the bands I would travel back in time to see if I could (also on that list – Elvis Costello in 1977-80 and REM 1980-84). And now, though it’s not a Beulah reunion, it’s good enough for me, Miles Kurosky is coming out with a new record this year titled The Desert of Shallow Effects, AND he’s going to be playing with a full band in Seattle at the Tractor on April 10th!

A little about the new release:

For fans of Beulah who’ve been wondering for so long now when that band’s creative center would re-emerge and what direction he might take, The Death of Shallow Effects, produced by Kurosky and former Beulah member Eli Crews (Deerhoof, Why?), will feel comfortable but also surprising and fresh. “To me this album sounds like a logical progression, almost as if I was still in Beulah and I took it to another level. I think it’s different but only because I’m different as a human being and as a songwriter.”

Sounds good enough to me! There’s a 3 song sampler hitting Itunes on January 12th that I can’t wait to hear.

For good measure, here’s a video of Beulah playing “Popular Mechanics for Lovers”.