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Los Campesinos and Magnetic Fields

It’s a big big day my friends. It’s so big that as far back as a month ago I had friends emailing me asking if my head was going to explode on this very day. It’s not that absurd of a question considering two of my very favoritest bands ever are both releasing brand new full on albums today:

Los Campesinos! – Romance is Boring
(in town at the Showbox / Market on May 4)

Magnetic Fields – Realism
(in town at Town Hall on Feb 23 and 24)

One saving grace preventing new album overload is that Los Campesinos loaded their entire new effort onto their MySpace page last week (it’s their third masterpiece) so that I could listen to it wherever I could find an internet connection (however rickety). It’s given me a chance to ease into all the new stuff all demanding priority in my iTunes. Once I get my copy of it on vinyl, the circle will be complete.

The Magnetic Fields tracks have proven a little more elusive. It’s all fine though, a mountain of anticipation can be a good thing for a girl.

What new release are you looking forward to?