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OK, the rain has let up a bit but I’m still not anxious to leave the apartment yet. Here’s my 10 favorite local albums from 2007, complete with YouTube-y goodness – as best I could find it.

(I’m sure there’ll be some continuity issues with the scores I’ve assigned – I wrote the reviews for four of the albums below. This is how I am ranking them at the end of the year.)

10. Fleeting Frequencies, Patience Please, Happy Happy Birthday to Me (song: “Bint”):

9.  …The Art of Becoming One’s Own Shadow, Lillydale, Mt. Fuji (song: unknown, at least to me, but it was the only one I could find):

8. Share This Place, Mirah and Spectratone International, K Records (song: “Credo Cigalia”):

7. Abominations, Schoolyard Heroes, Stolen Transmissions/Universal (song: “Screaming Theater in a Crowded Fire”):

6. A Million Dollars Worth of Music, The Fucking Eagles, Gaptooth Jukebox (song: “He Won’t Love You Like I’ll Leave You”):

5. The Fourth, Jenni Potts, Clickpop (song: “Another Way”; note: this video is cuter than a thousand LOL Catz combined):

4. Death to Palaces, Young Sportsmen, self-released, (song: unknown to me, also)

3. Shake Yourself Awake, Ms. Led, Fish the Cat (song: “New Agenda”):

2. Free Electricity, The Cops, The Control Group/Mt.Fuji (song: “Modern Black Flats”):

1. Yes is the Answer, Grand Hallway, self-released (song: Seward Park):