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After making headlines (and heads turn) by her lack of clothing, Beth Ditto has decided to make headlines with her clothing.

By clothing she designs, that is. 

The Gossip singer Beth Ditto looks set to follow in Lily Allen's footsteps by designing a range of clothes for British clothing chain New Look.

Although a link-up has yet to be confirmed, the singer declared she is currently talking to the clothes shop about a range.

"I'm in talks to do something with them at the moment," she told London's The Sun. "I love their stuff."

New Look are refusing to comment on their talks with Ditto so far.

The indie star has made no secret of her desire to bring larger women's clothes to the mainstream. Earlier this year she refused to play an instore gig for Top Shop, instead saying, "I want to design. Give me the job–I want to make big sizes."

By getting her own range, Beth will be following in the footsteps of Lily Allen, who has her own line of New Look clothes.

"Lily Allen is not to be messed with," said Ditto of her fellow designer. "But I think she tries to be a role model, which is tough."

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