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Sasquatch 2009 is a mere two days away. Go see bands all three days, cheer your head off, drink some beer and/or smoke a joint. Get dirty campin' toes and sweat through your forehead bandanna (or brave kilt-lifting style winds like in 2007). Come back harried and skip out on work Tuesday. Recount every last moment, with positive embellishments, to anyone fool enough not to attend. Buy the tshirt and flaunt the shit out of it.

Here is your big bad SASQUATCH 2009 PREVIEW.

I've been to Austin City Limits twice, SXSW twice, Bumbershoot once and would give my right arm to go to Coachella and All Tomorrow's Parties. I have yet to attend Sasquatch, being a transplant and all. This is my inaugural year, the popping of my Sasquatch cherry so to speak. Be gentle on me folks.. though this isn't exactly my first go-round.

Saturday May 23rd

Want to see: Tim & Eric, AA Bondy, Shearwater (seen), Sun Kil Moon, Mos Def
Need to see: King Khan & the Shrines, Passion Pit, Animal Collective

I've heard legendary things about King Khan & the Shrines. I can't resist seeing a band touted as "rock and roll revivalists" and "Berlin-based psychedelic soul". King Khan regularly appears scantily clad onstage and they have been known for their impressive and entertaining stage show. Yes please!

I've been consistently impressed by Animal Collective's output and progression musically. Although some may label them "schmindie", I just label them "awesome". I'm highly looking forward to seeing them perform tracks from their complex and utterly addicting newish album Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Passion Pit is a new interest of mine. Their brand of exuberant lap-pop is at once cringe-worthy and joyful, perplexing and danceable. I'm hoping to see their EP Chunk of Change transformed into a love-cuddle of wonder onstage.

Sunday May 24th

Want to see
: Zach Galifianakis, Point Juncture, WA, The Dodos, St. Vincent, The Wrens (seen)
Need to see: Of Montreal (seen), Mike Watt & the Missing Men, Calexico, Jane's Addiction

Of Montreal changed my musical life, no joke. And YES their show is that good. Suffice it to say, I'll see them.

Mike Watt is an anomaly, a legend. There is a fantastic little music festival that happens in Denton, TX every year on April 20th (yea 420 guys, it's a pot-smoking college town) called Fry Street Fair. Everyone from Frank Black to Centro-matic to the Butthole Surfers have played there. Mike Watt purportedly stayed at a friend of mine's house one night after playing Fry Street fair, got pissed, picked up someone's bass and tried to play it and then in a drunken rage smashed it to pieces. Apparently he thought the bass guitar was a shitty brand. If you don't know about Mike Watt and are going to Sasquatch, look him up.

Monday May 25th

Want to see: Tobacco, Chromeo, Beach House (seen), Girl Talk (seen), Deerhoof (seen)
Need to see: Grizzly Bear, Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Knux, Heartless Bastards, School of Seven Bells, The Dutchess & the Duke

Grizzly Bear has rocked my world for years. I can't get enough of the forlorn, perfectly orchestrated sad bastardness of it. It melts my heart. Plus, Edward Droste is a damn good twitterer and makes very funny jokes on occasion.

I'll say it… I miss the rap from the south. I miss the grunginess, the supposed simplicity and the flamboyance of dirty south. The Knux aren't dirty south, but they're from Louisan' (as my Louisiana kinfolk call it) and are supposed to have an intense live show and have opened for Common, the Roots and Lupe Fiasco among others.

Black Moth Super Rainbow have been all over the press, garnering mostly amazing reviews. Dandelion Gum stunned critics and fans just in need of a sun-drenched hazed out psychedelic kick in the pants. I feel their music in my bones and will most likely be front and center at their performance.

I know my choices may seem a bit controversial to some… the Decemberists (seen), Yeah Yeah Yeahs or TV on the Radio (seen) don't make the list. That's what's great about a music festival though: We can all go see whatever we damn well please!
Now that I've inundated you with my humble opinion on this humongo NW fest, gimme an earful. What do YOU want to see???