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It's been a few years since we've heard from Lady Sovereign, the self-proclaimed "biggest midget in the game".

Lady Sov made a big splash in 2006 with her debut album, Public Warning, impressed Jay-Z and became the first caucasian woman to be signed to Def Jam Records and had a seemingly random hit with her single "Love Me or Hate Me".

Then she's been quiet until recently, playing shows with varying degrees of success and then releasing her follow-up album, Jigsaw. Public Warning already established that she can rhyme but Jigsaw is the better record, I think, because it's pop record by someone who happens to be able to rap. It has several standout tracks including "So Human" (which samples The Cure) and the incredibly catchy "I Got You Dancing," which could have been a hit in 1989 or 2009.

Opening the show is a much-hyped (not "buzzed-about") rock band, Chester French, who I saw open for another Lady a few months ago (Gaga) and they, caveat emptor, are one of the main reasons why I have a hard time retiring "douche bag" from my vocabulary.

There are a lot of great options tonight: The Redwood Plan is at the Comet, it's the opening night for the Seattle International Film Festival, Imaginary Liz is excited about Miniature Tigers, there's that Born Anchors/They Live show up at the Sunset, but really Lady Sov will be the best show in town tonight – I just don't expect there to be too many tickets remaining.

Here's the video to "So Human":

What else would you do tonight?

  • Jackopierce, Triple Door*
  • The Heavy Weight Dub Champions, Nectar
  • National Broadcast/X-Ray Eyes/Life In A Blender, High Dive
  • Mirror The Ghost/The Skyline Surrender, Funhouse
  • They Live/Born Anchors, Sunset Tavern
  • Fred Eaglesmith/Anna Coogan, Tractor
  • Hotels/Biography Of Ferns, Comet
  • Kevin Devine/Miniature Tigers/Honeydove/Brian Bonz, Chop Suey*
  • Lady Sovereign/Chester French/Hollywood Holt, Crocodile