Three Imaginary Girls

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This monster of a disc is what you get when you bring together heavy hitters Jared Warren (KARP / Tight Bros.) and Coady Willis (Murder City Devils / Dead Low Tide) and let them get as loud and as heavy as they want. This duo almost breaks the speakers with non stop bass and drum dueling with vocals screaming atop it all. You are left feeling so angry and alive that you aren't even angry anymore… just alive.

Speaking of alive—the CD may be an exercise in head crushing happiness, but these two on stage, live, is an experience that should not be missed. There are moments that bring to mind bands like the Melvins, but Big Business take that strength and throw a tight wire edge across the feedback and noise. Once you stop breaking brick walls and shattering concrete with your spastic dancing, you end up with songs that you can almost sing along too.