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I first saw We Wrote The Book On Connectors' Ben Baier live playing with H Is For Hellgate, and if you've seen him too you know there's few people that can charm and move a crowd's collective heiny like this vocalist/bassist can. Because he can play superbly while friskily shambling about a stage or crooning with honeyed voice, always adding a non-sequitur or "Hooray!" just when a music-loving mob needs it, he was great with that progressive-rock/riot grrrl band. 

But his own We Wrote The Book On Connectors is where his sense of humor really spikes the song-punch and intoxicates hummable, head-rattling anthems like "Almost Magical" (the delirious hand-clapper the Young Fresh Fellows would be proud to call their own), "The Saddest Wrestling Man" (keyboard-driven WWF fetish They Might be Giants funk pop a roll), and the exquisitely power ballad "Balls In The Face."

These are all on 2008's Ride It Out Like A Turbo Horse, a necessary part of any Seattle music fan's collection, and whiskey-breathed rumor has it they have another fucking-a funny and frug-inspiring full-length coming up soon. More on this soon, because I'm eagerly waiting for it. (The first album also features an ode to their drummer, Rick, featured in the video above.)

Come out to see WWTBOC play Chop Suey this Saturday, July 3, for what is called the ALL AMERICAN COMEDY & MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA, also featuring Tina Beers & The Violet Line, eight bucks advance and ten at the door. The WWTBOC site also lists Afraid of Figs and "that this will be an early one."