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If you’re like me, and summer is not just the promise of good weather, but also amazing summer jams, then you’re in luck: Ames, IA’s The Poison Control Center have a brand new record coming out! Their Pavement-for-a-less-slacker-generation laid back indie rock always translates much mellower on record than live, but in this video for the brand new “Being Gone” (from the upcoming Sad Sour Future out May 18th on Afternoon Records) gives quite a hint at how goofy these guys can really get.


{edit note: apologies for the huge format! this video isn’t on youtube and is too cute to not share!}

And, we’re in luck! The PCC are setting out on a national tour this summer, landing in Seattle on July 13th at the High Dive. If you like fun, you will be there.