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[Pablo Trucker / Conor Byrne]

I’ve pretty much been nerding out about Pablo Trucker since the minute I hit the ground in Seattle. Show after show after show, they just won’t quit — and I can’t wait to catch more proof tonight when they slay the stage at Conor Byrne. Their sound is inherently simple: big dirty guitar + tortured vocals + jazz-like precision on the drums + just the right amount of bass for good measure (pun intended). But that’s where the cut-and-dry stops — because there’s something that comes alive on the stage when these musicians get together that’s hard to match.

On the odd chance you’re not familiar, you can read a bunch of emo about their live shows (spoiler: the start of every descriptive about them is almost identical to the first sentence of this post) here, here, here, and here.

And if all that adjective isn’t enough to get you to Ballard to spend seven bucks on a Friday night, I don’t know what is. The show is 21+ / 9pm / $7 at the door. See you there!