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Weezer at the Bumbershoot Main Stage.The band sounded great and played what we needed to hear from the Blue album, but what kept everyone in the stadium excited was the “where is Rivers” game as he danced and ran through the crowd, climbing on top of portable buildings andup and down the stadium bleachers, with security and a bright spotlight trying to keep with him.


Boat at the EMP Sky Church. Boat’s first appearance at Bumbershoot featured a plaque by the drummer that read  “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With The First Step, Gang.”

Scott Porad, CTO of the I Can Has Cheezburger Network speaks on why our society is fascinated with cats and failure at the Why Cuteness, Why Failure, Why Now? panel hosted by the Vis-Vis Society. We love our our LOL cats.


Delorean (Spain) on Sunday delivered one the happiest, liveliest dance sets on the at the Broad Street Stage.


Jackie from Ice Cream Man handing out cool treats while waiting in line to see Hole performing an informal acoustic set presented by 107.7 FM The End as part of End Sessions.


Flatstock 27 poster exhibit. The daily thought of the day at the Seattle Show Posters booth. This day’s message: “I love you because you tell me every single day.” A walk through the Fisher Pavilion in each row treated you with a indulgent display of rock postering and design.


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