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Hayyyy Imaginaries! Now’s the time of year where I remind you that in addition to Bumbershoot’s awesome musical acts, our local festival is also packed with films and performing arts, and my favorite: people talking about stuff that gets you thinking about stuff. Here are a few things in the Words & Ideas program that are thrilling me:

Saturday, September 1

Why Fairy Tales? Why War on Women? Why Now?
Leo K Theatre, Words & Ideas Stage

Lindy West is actually going to be a couple of places for Bumbershoot this year, but I’m most interested in seeing what she has to say (hilariously, I’m sure) about how women are represented in pop culture and politics, so if you have to choose, I think you should be at this one. West joins a bunch of other rad ladies on stage, and I’m sure it’s going to be one of those laugh/cry/throw-up-because-you’re-so-overwhelmed kind of talks.

John Waters – This Filthy World: Filthier & Dirtier
Bagley Wright Theatre

You guys. JOHN FREAKING WATERS is going to be at Bumbershoot! I can’t even. I’m hyperventilating because I’m so excited about this. Watching Waters perform This Filthy World: Filthier & Dirtier and talk about all the things is likely going to be one of the best parts of the weekend. Trust me on this. (and if you’ve never seen a John Waters film, for the love of all that is holy, head over to Scarecrow and rent at least three of them)

Other things that seem interesting on Saturday: Modernist Cuisine: Food From a New Perspective {1:45pm} and The Stranger’s Guide to America: Stories by Dan Savage, Lindy West, Christopher Frizzelle, and Bethany Jean Clement {7pm}

Sunday, September 2

Letters to Kurt with author Eric Erlandson
Leo K Theatre, Words & Ideas Stage

I totally have NOT read the book, but man. I feel like seeing Eric Erlandson (Live Through This FOREVER!!!) on stage, talking about his personal letters to Kurt Cobain and his friendship with him (and uh, Courtney) will be pretty awesome. Plus, my favorite DJ Marco Collins will be on hand to moderate. Cool!

Writers of Futurama
Leo K Theatre, Words & Ideas Stage

I love EVERYTHING about Futurama, and I had such a great time last year listening to the writers of BSG talk about writing stuff, that I really want to hear from some writers who have to deal with animated storylines. Plus, I can nerd out over the world-premiere clip of an in-production episode. YAY! Super-funny animated goodness.

Other things that could be cool on Sunday: Charles Phoenix: Destination 1962 Seattle World’s Fair! {12pm} and The Joy of Censorship with MAD Magazine’s Joe Raiola {1:45pm)

Monday, September 3

Trivia Night with Ken Jennings
Leo K Theatre, Words & Ideas Stage

Whoa. WHAT. I mean, I know Ken Jennings has become kind of a brain icon, but I didn’t expect him to be an actual attraction at Bumbershoot. Anyway! Seems Ken is hosting a live trivia contest this year in honor of the Seattle Center’s anniversary—and my favorite part of the description on B-shoot’s web site is: “Ken will personally select prizes for the winners and whisper words of comfort and understanding for the losers.”

Other things of interest on Monday: The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents Original Music inspired by A Wrinkle in Time {12pm}, and Remix, Plagiarism or Theft? Featuring Kirby Ferguson and Quentin Rowan {1:45pm}