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Seattle's own Can You Imagine? are playing the Sunset Tavern this Saturday night, August 25 at 9 p.m. A quintet of classy vets and charming new cherubs, their new album Romance! will be available to purchase there and I recommend you do just that. (Both, come to the show and buy the CD!) It has twelve new jittery-pop slices of girl group growls and swoons and a whole lot of jangle and bang, including twist-and-shout opener "Can You Do The Can You?", which makes me feel like thrift shopping with John Waters, and "Ghosts Are Dumb," which has piles of sweet organ and surf guitar slash. 

CYI? features vivacious vocalist and songwriter Michelle Plaitis, singer-songwriter Rachel Frost on strollin' bass, and Sue Merrill keeps the rhythm section greaser duckbill-sides tight with her on the drums. Also on board is Peter Bagge, yes, that P. Bagge (of many graphic novels and the art scene) — he's not playing drums here as he did in bands long ago, but scribes songs too and makes those amp waves glisten with his own six-string mission. Handsome fella on the side with all the keys and sound-wonkery is Smilin' Steve Fisk, the Nelson Riddle-Phil Spector of Pac NW studio recording and band-halpin'. (If you just like to hear that man PLAY, don't miss CYI? live, at the very least. But the rest of the band are slammin' fun too, as you will find out.) 

This follow up to their self-titled release finds CYI? increasing the organic dance beats, keeping the shimmer-vocals careening through "Housework" and "Melody And Car Parts," placing the everyday love and money struggles and leaps in pitch-note perfect power pop fit for a timeless Saturday afternoon on the porch with a cocktail and a cute pal. Brill! Ace! Many are story songs but stand up to multi-plays due to the joys of the vocals and the BOMP! of the playing. Album for the summer, and perfect show for the end of August. 

{Can You Imagine? play with Atomic Bride and Thee Midnight Creep on Saturday, August 25, at 9p at the Sunset.}