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Sunday at Bumbershoot means catching some longtime favorites, as well as some bands I’ve heard about but haven’t yet seen live! The problem I’m having is that it’s all SOCLOSE together! Still, everything should work out just fine … as long as I can either figure out a) how to be in three places at once, or, b) how to get a jet pack by this weekend.

Here are my must-sees for Sunday:

Manatee Commune
Pavilion Stage

This kid. I just. I MEAN. Full disclosure: I saw him compete in my workplace’s Sound Off! competition earlier this year and was just COMPLETELY MINDBLOWN AWAY by his amazing melodies.

We Are Scientists
Fisher Green Stage 

Golden Gardens
Pavilion Stage

Well this is an unfair fucking conundrum. I heart the crap out of W.A.S., but I have also wanted to check out current local darlings Golden Gardens live in a lovely outdoor summer setting forever. LIFE IS HARD.

The Dream Syndicate
Starbucks Stage

I cannot pass up these guys playing tracks from 1984’s Medicine Show (30! Years! WHAT.) What can I say? I’m a sucker for nostalgia. But! I also have to haul ass over to Fisher Green FOR…

Luscious Jackson
Fisher Green Stage

Freaking LUSCIOUS JACKSON. AT BUMBERSHOOT. THIS WEEKEND. I mean, there is NO WAY I am missing this. No. Way.

The Replacements

Continuing with the wave of (mutilation, kind of) nostalgia, The Replacements, who I never, ever seen live, are playing the Mainstage and I am FREAKING out about it. LOSING MY MIND. COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. AHHHH. AHHH! AH. A.

Big Star’s Third

Starbucks Stage
Let me think about this: just kidding! Sisters Lovers live? With Posies? Yes. I mean, come on. YES.