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Now it is time for me to plan my ultimate list of musical goodness for this year’sBumbershoot! I’m a planner by nature, so I HAVE to make a list, but I like to refer to it as a “dream list” because inevitably I will get distracted by something shiny and forget which stage I’ve planned to go to next. SO.

Here’s what I’d see on Saturday, 8/30 in a perfect, focused world:

Fly Moon Royalty
Fisher Green Stage

Adra Boo’s voice is a symphony of amazingness, and every time I listen to her I simultaneously want to dance my ass off and cry because it’s so fucking beautiful.

Panic! At the Disco
Mainstage (the newly revitalized Memorial Stadium)

Whenever I hear a PAtD song, it’s impossible for me not to start my own private dance party. Sure, it’s a little mainstream-movie-music sometimes, but it’s poppy and bright and makes me wanna move, so. yeah. I LIKE IT.

Shelby Earl
End Zone Stag
Shelby Earl is simply gorgeous, in every single way. I would listen to her sing anything. LITERALLY ANYTHING.
Elvis Costello & the Imposters

This guy. THIS FUCKING GUY. I realize it’ll be impossible to get anywhere near the front of the stage for him, but I’m gonna try.

The Both
Fisher Green Stage

Aimme Mann + Ted Leo = The Both, as in, take both my money and my heart, please.

Mavis Staples
Starbucks Stage

Holyshit, Mavis Staples. What else is there so say?

Other stuff I’d like to check out on Saturday:
Cumulus, The Lonely Forest, Power Up, Dig-Dug (because, THAT NAME).