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Tonight, Bumbershoot unoffically begins with my friends from Ear Candy’s kick-off party at the High Dive. It’ll be quite the party, to say the least.

The main reason I like this bill is because it combines two great rock bands (The Redwood Plan and Born Anchors) with two great hip hop acts (Victor Shade and Grynch). The headliner of the night is Victor Shade, a brand new collaboration between Common Market’s RA Scion and producer MTK. This will be their first show ever, so you’ll probably not want to miss that.

This is the type of show that should happen every night because it takes risks with its booking and forces the crowd to listen to something that they may not be previously exposed to. It’ll open with Born Anchors, a straight-forward rock band and continue with the buzz band The Redwood Plan, who are an excellent dance-rock band that has a heavy reliance on synths and hooks. With Grynch and Victor Shade, they’ll surely close the night out like the party it is.

Ear Candy’s (F)unoffical Bumbershoot kick-off party is tonight (Friday, September 4) at the High Dive with Victor Shade, Grynch, Born Anchors and The Redwood Plan. $10, 21+, 9pm.