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Get over Alvin and the Chipmunks already, he bought a really nice summer home with the money he made off of it…He’s a real mench for admitting it!

David Cross has been a major player in the comedy game since his days in Mr. Show. Since then, he’s been a jack of all trades, dabbling in TV and movies, becoming a Grammy nominee recording artist (for the magnificent Shut Up, You Fucking Baby), serving as a voice talent for video games, and now has a book out called I Drink for a Reason. Starting his career as a stand-up comic at 17, he returns to his roots this fall, launching a tour with a stop at Bumbershoot. Cross has been a very busy man. He will be curating his own stage at All Tomorrow’s Parties in addition to launching a Channel 4 UK television show entitled The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, which, if God is merciful, will eventually come stateside without a terrible remake. Fans of “Arrested Development” hold out hope after hope for the magical words “In production” next to an IMDB movie credit, but tragically, there is no news to report as of yet.

Come check out David Cross’ show, where he will be sharing excerpts from his book, I Drink for a Reason Sunday, September 6th from 8:15-9:30, on the Performing Arts Stage. This will most likely be a very popular show, so come early and ready to laugh with the King of the Never Nudes. This show promises to be one of the best featured acts all weekend. In the eternal words of Pit-Pat, the “magical, pansexual, non-threatening spokes-thing”, “Take it from me, I love you!”

Of note- This Bumbershoot weekend will be a bit of a “Mr. Show” reunion in Seattle as Mary Lynn Rajskub will be performing at the Laff Hole on September 6th for the People’s Republic of Komedy’s “Bumbershoot Comedy After Party” at Chop Suey. For more information, check out their website.

(Photo Credit: David Cross’ MySpace page)