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Sometimes I feel like Dave Einmo is the busiest musician in Seattle. I miss running into him on the hill, because in addition to being a kick-ass rocker, he's also a damn fine all-around nice guy. But I digress, Einmo has manned Head Like a Kite for more than a few years now (I'd tell you the exact number of years, but Stoli has clouded my memory and I'm too lazy to use the internet), putting out a variety of eclectic sounds and putting on some hella entertaining live shows. The last album, Dreams Suspend Night, is a mash-up of music genres, with some amazing vocals by Asya Smoosh, plus tracks with Tilson from The Saturday Knights (like “Director’s Cut” in the video above)– and one of my very favorites, Her Space Holiday!

Back to the "busiest musician" thing. A visit to the HLAK web site reveals some sweet cover tunes ("Gimme Shelter!" hellyes), and a free download of some tracks. Dave has teamed up with Asya to form Daydream Vacation, which (based on "The Girl Don't Sleep") is poised to put out some shiny poppy hand-clapping tunes. 

I'm really interested to see what he does on the Fisher Green Stage, Monday Sept 5 at 2:15pm. Any guesses on possible special guests? 🙂