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As you meander around the last day of this year's Bumbershoot festival — happy, sun-kissed, ears and heart full of new tunes and old familliar places — buy that poster, get that cool recycled banner-turned-messenger-bag, and make sure you take the time to get to see these face-melting ladies and gents do what they do. Here's your no-regrets list for Monday afternoon:

Lemolo {4:30, EMP Level 3 stage}
Beautiful, sparse, powerful Lemolo. Two girls, a kit / guitar / synth setup, and more force coming off of a stage than a pair of peolpe should ever be able to emit. Think all-fem White Stripes without the pomp and circumstance, think School of Seven Bells minus the too-hipster quotient. The best of those two worlds with the fat removed leaves this band: a smart, ethereal sound with stop-you-in-your-tracks lyrics layered over an in-your-face sound. Don't miss them!

{Sharon Van Etten / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Sharon van Etten {6:45p, Fountain Lawn stage}
After seeing her performance at Sasquatch! earlier this summer, we think we can state with confidence that you don't want to miss the chance to see Sharon van Etten live. As with Warpaint's "Undertow," van Etten's "Love More" has gone from a spark to a crush to a full-fledged staple on our mix tape go-to list. Make time to get yourself up front and experience her set face-to-face.

Fitz and the Tantrums {7:45p, Main Stage}
You + Fitz and the Tantrums + "Money Grabber" = guaranteed dance party of the day. Don't miss it!

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside {9p, EMP Level 3 stage}
We know, we know — Hall and Oates will be tearing it up on the Main stage as Monday draws to a close. However, should you find yourself able to get away and over on to the EMP, do yourself a favor and make the time to see Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside's set. From humble beginnings at the Fremont Abbey two summers back to last month's Jimmy Fallon performance, Sallie & Co. have managed to take all the attention they've been getting in stride and hone their sound nicely into a not-to-be-fucked-with force. They're listenable (but not boring), wide-appeal-y (without any genericism), and their retro.sensible sound'll have you tapping your toes (and opening your wallet to purchase the new album) in no time.

Have a great long weekend, everyone. We'll see you at Seattle Center!

{Photo of Sharon van Etten by Victoria VanBruinisse.}