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Add another great Seattle summer music festival to a calendar burgeoning with them: Candy Fest, a one-day wham-glam-pop-and-roll-thank-you-ma'am whirlwind of music. The whole event goes down on July 12, and is brought to us thanks to the fabulous bookers at the Comet Tavern and King Cobra.

Here are the deets from the official press release:

In a first ever collaboration, the Comet Tavern and King Cobra present Candy Fest an eight-hour celebration of garage, punk, glam, power pop, and good old rock 'n' roll on Saturday July 12 2008.

This two-club festival will feature The Girls, Razrez (who have not performed live for over a year), The Knast, the Pranks, and The Greatest Hits from Seattle, as well as Avenue Rose from Olympia. In addition the night will feature Audacity and Thee Makeout party from LA, Buzzer from Oakland, Apache from San Francisco, The Luxury Sweets and the Spurts from Santa Cruz, and the Eegos from Portland. Tickets are $12 and one wristband gets you into both clubs. Doors open for this event at 4 pm and the official lineup and set times will be announced soon. And be be prepared for some surprises as well as DJ sets from Lance Romance, Andy of Kings English and Mamma Casserole.

The show is made possible by, an online community site whose mission is to build a fair, open, powerful, and participatory platform for people to create, share, and discover great music.

Sounds like more fun that you can lick a lollipop at. We'll share the lineup details as we get 'em.

Anyone here familiar with, the event sponsors? I just checked out the website and it looks pretty cool, social network localized by region and directed at music fans, yadda yadda. I'm thinking of signing up to check it out and would love any scoop our imaginary readers may have…