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While I have chosen to spend my time in Capitol Hill getting baked by the sun, dancing, photographing, and wending my way through music lovers all weekend, be careful as you set out for your favorite festival or event because there are a bum-load in this city of ours. We have baseball, Bite of Seattle, Taylor Swift x 2 and of course Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP). Traffic is going to be a nightmare, so find your spot and stay there (or just chill in your back yard if that’s your speed). That being said, if you’re popping by CHBP, then I’ll have you covered both on our socials and over here.

If you haven’t been to the fest before, there’s a few things to keep in mind. There’s a lot of overlap in the sets, so take a little time to figure out your favs and if you have time, skip over to some music you haven’t heard yet, you might find your new song of the summer (or year!). Also know that if you’re getting an early start, bring a water bottle. Whether you’re drinking the alcohols this weekend or not, keep hydrated is your best bet to keep the fun coming and the overheating and over-imbibing at bay. There’s a lot of dreamy, dancey, and plain-ol fabulous music headed our way in Cap Hill so making sure you take care of your body is the best way to enjoy it all.

I don’t exactly have a list of “must see” and I’m excited about it. The prospect of finding a whole new wardrobe of music to try on and take home is what gets me revved up for music festivals in the first place. I have been doing my homework but just listening to youtube or even checking out live recordings doesn’t give you a sense of any band until you’re there face to face and I can’t wait. There are still all types of tickets available (3-day pass, single day and “Big Gulp”) so maybe I’ll see you there!