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Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or a first-timer, the enchanting ambiance of an outdoor summer music festival is an experience unlike any other. The laughter, the camaraderie, and the euphoria of live performances under the open sky create unforgettable moments that beg to be captured. From the electrifying energy of the Main Stage to the gems nestled amid the forested grounds of the Campfire Stage, we’ve sought to encapsulate the spirit and soul of an outdoor summer music festival and preserve the essence of each experience in every snapshot.

Below are some of the featured artists from this year’s festival photographed by Imaginary friend Alley Rutzel, and you can see the full gallery of images here.

Day 1 – Thursday July 27

Katherine Paul, who performs under the name Black Belt Eagle Scout, is a Swinomish/Iñupiaq musician whose songs are a love letter to indigenous strength and healing. Under the starlit sky, her music soared and captivated the souls of the night owls, filling the air with mesmerizing melodies. Bandcamp

Seattle-based folk harmony duo Mikey & Matty Gervais enthralled the crowd with their beautifully layered arrangements and harmonies. Website

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings closed out the first night of the festival when they brought their special brand of self-dubbed “psychedelic doom boogie” to the Campfire Stage. Their new album The Incredible Heat Machine is out now. Website

Lost in the enchanting embrace of the forest, the ethereal vocals and swirling violin of Mt Fog (aka Carolyn B.) resonate with nature’s symphony, weaving a spellbinding harmony that echoed through the trees. Check out her latest album Spells of Silence. Bandcamp

Classically-trained indie-folk cellist, vocalist, and songwriter Ollella (aka Ellie Barber) enchanted the audience with songs from her recently released debut album Back Back Back. Website

Day 2 – Friday July 28

Jeff Tweedy, the renowned singer-songwriter and frontman of Wilco, delivered an electrifying and soul-stirring live festival performance. Taking the stage with his signature acoustic guitar, his presence exuded a mix of humility and confidence that immediately connected with the audience. Throughout the set, Jeff’s emotive vocals and poetic lyrics took center stage, capturing the hearts of listeners and transporting them into a world of introspection and reflection. His ability to effortlessly weave together folk, rock, and alternative elements created a rich and dynamic sonic experience. Instagram

Bellingham’s own Devin Champlin and his band Sons of Rainier return to the stage to delight audiences with their alt-country tunes from their long-awaited latest album Take Me Anywhere. Bandcamp

Tequila funk band Reposado injected the audience with a high dose of energetic Latin and Afro flavored music, getting everyone up on their feet and dancing under the warm summer sun! Website

Terror/Cactus is an innovative and genre-defying musical project from Martín Selasco that blends a diverse array of sounds and influences into a unique sonic tapestry. At its core, their music can be described as a fusion of electronic, psychedelic, and experimental elements with strong Latin American roots. Catch them at the South Sound Block Party in August! Website

Day 3 – Saturday July 29

Guerilla Toss delivered a performance that was an explosion of raw energy and uninhibited expression. Kassie Carlson’s powerful and versatile voice switched effortlessly from playful and melodious to raucous and intense, captivating the audience with every lyric. Bandcamp

Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Sasami crafts introspective and emotive songs that explore themes of self-discovery, relationships, and vulnerability. Her genre-defying performance featured lush and atmospheric arrangements for dreamy ballads that whiplashed to guitar and drum-driven heavy metal, interspersed with moments of authentic audience engagement. Website

Legs is a groove-driven dance/pop band comprised of a pair of brothers as well as long-time friends that seem to really enjoy making music together, especially considering they apparently hadn’t been in the same room since 2018 until recently! YouTube

Captivating hearts and souls, musical enchantress Olivia Thomas – who goes by the name LIVt (the ‘t’ is silent) – effortlessly weaves her melodies with genuine connections, leaving the audience spellbound by her authentic magic. Bandcamp