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OK, well, er, um … Why, what a beautiful hat you're wearing? Is it new? Alright, alright, I'll stop trying to change the subject. Jeez, you'd think I just accidently microwaved the dog.

Why does Erik have 30 Seconds to Mars on his iPod? Well, it's a simple story that starts back in the glory days of, well, 1994? I think. I have "Capricorn" on my iPod pretty much — no, not pretty much — entirely because of My So-Called Life. Yeah, yeah, cheap excuse, but even though the band is prog-alt-metal trash, it does feature Jordan Catalono, er, Jared Leto and if you were like me, you spent one year waiting for your weekly dose of teenage angst from Claire (*sigh*) Danes (Angela) and company. So, when I found out that Jared had a band, I had to take a listen. Sadly, Angela would probably be greatly disappointed with the result and these days, jeesh, maybe we should all be really upset that Angela picked Jordan over Brian Krakow. I wonder what he's up to these days?


{iPod Roulette is a daily feature from TIG writer Erik Gonzalez, where he highlights the first track his 11,400 track iPod picks for each day. Think of it as your imaginary daily affirmation. For past rounds of roulette, check the iPod Roulette archives.}