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You've cleared your email, put out some inter-office fires and escaped the notice of your fiendish overlord of a boss. The phone's stopped ringing and the coffee pot is empty. It's finally the weekend, those two days of leisure you spend all week dreaming about. What are you going to do with those copious amounts of free time? Go to a show, of course.

Shrie's already given you her pick for Friday night fun, but here's my suggestion: Head over to the Sunset Tavern to see Oxford Collapse.

The Brooklyn band's newest album, BITS, came out on Sub Pop last month and it's chock full of fun times and full glasses. I tend to put the album on before a night at the bar to get myself into that happy hour mood when I don't want to worry about work tomorrow. The lyrics are fun, the hooks are catchy and most importantly, the songs rock. This is a show Seattlites will be jumping around at. Want proof? Here's lead single, "The Birthday Wars" at Youtube. Pay attention to the main riff buried under the fuzz:

The show, with Love As Laughter and The Sea Navy (there are other kinds of Navy?) starts at 10pm tonight at the Sunset. You can even buy tickets here if you're really ahead of the curve.

So who's planning your weekend, me or Shrie? Winner gets a cookie.