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Let's say, hypothetically, that you weren't lucky enough to catch Radiohead at the White River Amphitheater last month. Maybe you were busy, possibly stuck with your family in the Midwest where the only fun is watching soybeans grow and drinking heavily. It's possible in that hypothetical, not-at-all factual situation that you'd be both bitter about missing out and eager to hear a Radiohead show on the Internet.

Good news, hypothetically bitter person! NPR Music wants you to hear the world's biggest band play live from the comfort of your cubicle. They're streaming the band's August 28th Santa Barbara show in its entirety as part of their "All Songs Considered" series. You might remember this show from the free webcast Radiohead did. Of course, you could have missed it then too, like our hypothetical friend above, so consider this your last chance.

The full concert, 2+ hours, will stream on Tuesday, September 8th at 9am PST. If you head over there right now you can catch a stream of Tom Wait's "Glitter And Doom" tour, which is highly recommended. And if you've already caught Radiohead this summer as they traveled the US, why haven't you shown me pictures? Don't be greedy, dude, drop a link or photo in the comments.