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BYOPAbout two months ago I mentioned here that three songs from Be Your Own Pet's still-pretty-fucking-great album Get Awkward were removed due to violent (but still cartoonish) imagery by some nervous execs at Universal Records. Review copies sent to critics (but not to me) and the international version contained those songs (which are, again, "Becky", "Blow Yr Mind," and "Black Hole") The band said that they'd try to release an EP with the censored songs on them.

I was skeptical but optimistic.

Now, though, it does look like this EP actually will happen.

Thus reporteth Pitchfork:

You may also recall a quick mention we made in the same report of BYOP's international label XL Recordings' plan to issue the offending cuts in the States as their own single. True to their word, XL will issue all three tunes on a mini-EP they've cheekily dubbed Get Damaged. The set is due digitally June 3, with the CD and limited edition deluxe gatefold double 7" hitting shelves June 24. (And check out that cover up there!) Expect the full-fledged teenage riots current engulfing Europe in the wake of the uncensored Get Awkward to hit a fever pitch in the States by early July.

I, for one, am so very excited to see BYOP at the Showbox at the Market on Wednesday, June 18 with She Wants Revenge and Switches. The digital EP will have been in the public sphere for two weeks prior to that show. Let's hope no one commits any violence and fucks things up for the rest of us before then. And if they do, can we at least blame it on My Chemical Romance?

Here's the video to "The Kelly Affair" the first single from Get Awkward. It wasn't censored but that doesn't mean it still doesn't rock.